Graphic design

The packing must be as outstanding as the project. Therefore we ensure the common graphic thread in everything from identity to brochures, online marketing, and outdoor, so the unique qualities of your project always stand out.

Dimension Design’s highly skilled creative Art Directors and graphic designers excel in providing all types of products for marketing your residential or development project.

Graphic design

Our recommendations are based on several years of experience in marketing housing and development projects. As with most aspects of life, how much or how little is needed depends on the scope of the project and the particular market in which your project is located. In looking into the needs of the client and the particular project, we will orchestrate the best solution to gain optimal exposure within a given financial framework.

The result? When you let us take care of everything from the visual identity, the preparation of 3D visualizations, to the preparation of all graphic material for the marketing of your housing project, you ensure a tangible common thread. This will make the unique qualities of your project stand out.


We make the packaging as neat as the content. A large, beautiful and expensive newly built housing project deserves a high-end, quality printed brochure. This way, potential buyers or tenants can see and read about the housing project before making an informed choice. They will be able to get the feel of the space, even before it has been built.

We are extensively experienced in designing a unique printed brochure for each particular project. We always find the best solution within the budget that has been set aside, based on the requirements for the sales prospect. Last but not least, we make sure it fits precisely in the choice of material based on the project and the visual ID.

Online marketing

We advise on the most efficient and target group oriented online advertising. And we design all types of graphic material to ensure a successful online advertising strategy is put to work on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google etc.

Online marketing is an indispensable discipline for any housing project. It is about positioning oneself, creating visibility, directing users to the website, increasing awareness of the project, creating preference and ultimately selling or renting homes.

We work with the best in this field, and together we have the professionalism and insights into developing an executable strategy that secures customers for your housing project.


We have extensive experience with graphic design for large scale printed material for outdoor marketing, including construction site signs, banners and posters for construction site fences, bus sheds. Dimension Design also design and produce interior design and layout of showrooms.

Our streamlined concept for the sales process help you sell residential projects.

01. Strategy

We base our solutions on insights and knowledge. Collaborating with us always start by an exploration of your project in order to gain insight into the challenges, potentials and tasks that lie ahead.

Visual identity

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02. 3D

3D visualizations by Dimension Design make the target group see themselves in the homes. And it ensures a common thread from the storytelling to the visual identity.

Styling/Interior design
3D visualization
Virtual Reality

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03. Digital

We design and develop digital solutions in the field of project development. That is why we have accumulated years of experience developing the most optimal digital solutions for marketing housing projects in order for the project to be sold or rented.

UX design
Apartment selector
Virtual showroom
Online marketing

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04. Graphic design

Dimension Design’s highly skilled creative Art Directors and graphic designers excel in providing all types of products for marketing your residential or development project.

Trend Analysis

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05. 2D Drawings

At Dimension Design, we make professional drawings of residential projects in order to provide a clear and simple overview of the home or building.

Situation plans

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