PensionDanmark, Nordkranen Ejendomsudviklingsselskab and By & Havn


Analysis, research & strategy / visual identity / website / virtual reality / interactive area & apartment selector / brochure / floor plans / interior styling / 3D-visualization / sun animation / kitchen configurator / outdoor & showroom / online & offline graphics  / animations / 360-degree virtual rotation animation 


Copenhagen, Denmark

Bringing a new island to life

Kronløbsøen is a prestige project with no Danish equivalents.

Nordkranen Ejendomsudviklingsselskab, By og Havn og PensionDanmark has createt an entirely new and man made island, raising from the middle of Nordhavn. It has 360-degrees water view, 233 luxurious appartments, and is located in the center of Copenhagen.

We add dimension to make doubt disappear

From the start, as specialists and due to the caliber of the project, we recommend making the plan and marketing material so professional and elaborated that it turns potential interest into seriously and deeply interested leads.

By doing so, we support the real estate agent as well as the client and the potential residents. Because rather than spending time answering all kinds of questions, the estate agent’s role is to give the last clarity and specification before assisting with choosing the right apartment.

All other questions and concerns – from views and sun charts to the closet placement and kitchen solutions – are visualized and answered in the marketing material. In our experience, this gives the client the best possibility to sell – and sell fast.

And so we did.


Visual identity

The architecture of Kronløbsøen is unique. The island rises from the ocean like a monolith while the coast sinks deep into the water.

As an imitation of this movement, the logo rises like a cliff and falls like the shore. And the staggering forms in the visual identity are inspired by the architect’s visions and the staggered horizontal formations of the building.

The color palette is inspired by the nordic nuances in the Danish coastlines and dunes: the light lime-gray and ocher-yellow shades from Møns Klint. The green hues from the trees and plants. Surrounded by the deep blue water.


3D animation and visualizations

We make detailed 3D visualizations because choosing is difficult. And we know that credible and detailed visualizations make it easier. Easier to understand. Easier to eliminate doubt, and easier to choose an apartment that is yet to be built.

On Kronløbsøen, we emphasized the unique – the island and the water – and accentuate the feeling of living in this magnificent place every day. The visualizations highlight the 360-degree water view and the exclusive apartments in detail.

Alongside, we also show the apartments facing north where the shadows might be long in the afternoon because we never hide anything. Instead, we believe in creating the full picture that answers all the questions and turns people from potential to actual leads.


We add dimensions to give perfect clarity and eliminate doubt. That is why the website answers everything about Kronløbsøen and, at the same time, is highly intuitive and easy to navigate so visitors can explore the island themself.

With the interactive area and apartment selector, they can turn the whole island 360 degrees, see all the apartments, follow sun charts for the entire day and all seasons, and even examine the ‘bad’ angles. And our kitchen configurator makes it possible to customize the kitchen on the spot.

This strategy makes the website a vital tool for the real estate agent as he and the buyers can explore the island virtually and see the apartments before they are even built.

That way, we effectively remove concerns, answers questions, and give buyers the necessary knowledge and clarity. Hence, instead of finding all the information himself, the real estate agent can focus on his main force: the physical meeting with potential residents, advising them on the important last few decisions before choosing the apartment.


Printed media

To imitate the staggered, horizontal formations in the buildings, the raw finish from the bricks, and the extraordinary quality of Kronløbsøen, all the brochures are printed on uncoated paper. This creates a structured, almost coarse surface with a distinct tactile feel of exclusiveness.

All brochures are made as e-paper on the website, so they are easy to flip through.


Outdoor and showroom

The showroom overviewing the building site is key to giving interested buyers both the facts and the feeling of the place and helping them feel safer in their choice. Here, in collaboration with the real estate agent, we made displays and posters to illustrate the buildings and screens showing the visualizations and the visual identity.


We add dimensions to remove uncertainties

An adequate and precise decision basis is crucial when selling a project like Kronløbsøen not yet built. Therefore, the purpose of our strategic work is to eliminate uncertainty and doubt. In Kronløbsøen, we do this by creating credible and strong synergies between the website, the interactive area and apartment selector, and the marketing material.

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