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Analysis, research & strategy / concept & visual identity / website / interactive apartment selector / copywriting & storytelling / brochure / floorplans / 3D-vizualisation & animation / outdoor & showroom


Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Making people long to belong

Telling a story of a unique building in a competitive setting requires focus on what sets this particular place apart. This was the case for Fortkaj, a residential building by some of the country’s significant developers, located in an area with a strong branding value and fierce competition.

The client came to us to make their building truly become visible. We identified the uniqueness of the place and created a strong visual identity for them to boldly stand out while fitting in.

We add dimension to evoke emotions

With Fortkaj, we truly added dimension to evoke emotions. Because the power of storytelling and a strong visual identity hits the future home-owners in the hearts.

The residential building Fortaj was sold out well before its completion. It made the client fully acknowledged the value of an outstanding visual identity. And the fundamental difference it makes, when a strong visual identity is thoroughly applied to all elements of a project: from the website, the printed media and to the 2D and 3D visualizations. This makes Fortkaj a project that highlights the power of a strong visual identity.

The power of storytelling

To fully understand the uniqueness of the space, we dived into interviews, research and field visits. We wanted to identify the signature traits of Fortkaj and the location Nordhavn. Our storytelling pointed to the heritage of the industrial harbour and the historically importance of red-brick buildings in the neighbourhood. Hints at famous architect Kay Fisker were obvious. All in all, this points to the keywords ‘Classical’ and ‘Danish’.

The core concept and visual identity build on these key characteristics which were consistently applied to all types of media and content.

Visual identity

We add dimension to underline the unique power of the case at hand. When it comes to Fortkaj, the color scheme originated from the surrounding characteristic red brick buildings; a trait that made Fortkaj part of its neighborhood and heritage. The name Fortkaj can be divided into “fort” which is the same in English and “kaj” which is “wharf”. Combining three icons symbolizing “fort”, “wharf” and “architecture” the logo was designed to hint at the strengths of this particular project and its location.


3D animation and visualizations

We made Fortkaj stand out in the 3D visualizations by applying the main characteristic of the colour red. This way, emotions were evoked by using the red of the characteristic brick façade as reflected in the interior design and home styling. The warm homeliness of the apartments was enforced throughout. Our visualizations told the story that when you move here, you get to truly belong.

Website and strategies

We add dimension to give people a true basis to decide. That is why the website of Fortkaj is full of both storytelling and facts. The interactive apartment selector eliminates doubt. Here potential buyers can gain clarity on where their future home is located in the building. The interactive apartment selector is a valuable tool to get the facts straight and answer questions. This makes it a simpler choice to invest in an apartment that at this point does not yet exist. At the same time, visual stories and imagination-evoking texts makes the future home owner long of belonging to the Nordhavn neighbourhood, truly visualizing how living here would feel like.

“Når du flytter hertil, bliver du del af noget”.
This is the pay-off of the project and directly translated it means: “When moving to Fortkaj, you truly become part of something”.

Printed media

We spark dreams by creating experiences and evoking senses. Printed media for Fortkaj was an exclusive magazine subtly insisting that Fortkaj simply is one level better than the competitors. Holding the magazine in your hands, the weight of the publication tells a tactile story of high-end quality. Offset printing and the fabric of the textile cover with glued white, heavy cardboard with punching on the front, illustrate how every detail has been thoroughly hand-picked to underline the uniqueness of Fortkaj.


2D drawings

We add dimension to eliminate doubt. 2D drawings with a high level of detailing made the future imaginable. Facts help make people feel rightfully well-informed.

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