HavneBryggen Sirius




Analysis, research & strategy / concept & visual identity / website / interactive apartment selector / copywriting & storytelling / brochure / floor plans / 3D-visualization / sun animation / outdoor & showroom / kitchen configurator / 360-degree virtual rotation animation


Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, Denmark

Making people choose with confidence

Two high-end residential towers located by the Copenhagen waterfront stand out from neighboring buildings in architectural sophistication, perfect location, views and solar conditions.

The client came to us to ensure that future residents would fully envision the qualities of the life to be lived in these apartments. They needed us to make doubt disappear in order to sell at a faster pace.

We add dimension to make doubt disappear

Our creative and technically skilled designers and architects speak the language of the client as well as that of their multiple types of subcontractors. This makes us qualified to thoroughly examine the material of a project, as we are aware of the issues that our clients may face. We are experienced in guiding clients in making optimal choices. Because we are able to identify aspects that require particular attention, in case the clients have overlooked one out of the many dimensions of the project.

The client, PensionDanmark, needed us to eliminate uncertainties in order for us to guarantee a high level of quality. We are constantly attentive to details since strong visual storytelling, atmosphere and aesthetics always rely on quality assurance.

Visual identity

The concept and the visual identity are based on the green profile of HavneBryggen Sirius. ‘Green’ in several meanings of the word. The project, which is to be certified ‘DGNB Gold’, has been designed in order to meet high levels of sustainability. Moreover, the facades of the two towers are clad in green plants, making the color green a key characteristic. The white color and the significant grid of the facades are also distinctive traits to be seen throughout all types of communication about the project.

3D animation and visualizations

We add dimension to give people a true basis to decide. The 3D animations and visualizations of the HavneBryggen Sirius project told the story of how it would feel to live here, with the magnificent views of Copenhagen roof tops, the view along the Copenhagen Canal situated literally in front of the buildings and impressive green areas close to the site.  The sense of living on the brink of the water. Of being surrounded by green plants on the private balconies. The feel of the space, the atmosphere and the fact that quality has been ensured in all types of details of this project were strong stories told through the visual means of 3D.

Website and strategies

We add dimension to gain perfect clarity. In the case of HavneBryggen Sirius we worked with virtual reality on several levels to make choosing an apartment here easier. These are powerful tools both for storytelling and for giving people a true basis to decide.

The interactive apartment selector of the website gives a detailed impression of each apartment’s location in the two towers. Virtual sun charts illustrated with a high level of precision how the sun would be at different times of the day on each particular area of the towers. Our tools provided a comprehensive overview for residents. In the end, this resulted in a higher turnover rate from the perspective of the real estate agency.

We are constantly attentive to details since strong visual storytelling, atmosphere and aesthetics always rely on quality assurance.


Hjemmesidekonverteringer 1 md.


Unikke reservationer 1. Pre-sale


Reservationer 1. Pre-sale

Printed media

The extraordinary quality of the project shone through at the level of the printed media. Printed on Nordic Ecolabel certified matte paper with high bulk and a feel of exclusiveness, the brochure matches the style of the visual identity and the overall sustainable profile of the project. The cover discreetly emphasizes the exclusiveness of the project by having the name ‘Sirius’ embossed along with the grid of the façade, making the brochure a tactile experience in itself. We found an elegant way of collecting the different brochures so that some would receive the main brochure while others would also get the brochure on business spaces or the detailed list of material descriptions. This way, printed media were tailored to suit the needs of each potential resident.

Outdoor and showroom

We helped the real estate agent decorate the showroom with beautiful large posters with the renderings of the buildings, making both the interior experience of living in these apartments tangible and showing the atmosphere of the exterior of the buildings. The showroom also presented a large architectural model of both buildings. In order to provide clarity, informative posters with an overview of floor plans were present. The visual identity of the project was underlined by large foil on the windows. This way, the showroom is a key to letting people get to know both the facts and the feeling of the place. Mock-ups and examples of customizable elements of the apartments made choosing a kitchen or bathroom details such as flooring feel safer.

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