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Sønderborg, Denmark

Bringing spaces and places to life

The high-end residential project Kongebro Huset is the first of its kind in Sønderborg; for the city as well as for the client. Initially, being new-comers to the area was a concern on the part of the client. To remedy this, they needed us to provide the very best service to potential residents by making a sales prospect with an even more ambitious level of information and service than what could be expected of a project of this scope.

The place branding needed to stand out, both visually and in the details of the storytelling. The identity of Kongebro Huset needed to be easy to decode and leave an impression. Proof of concept came in the form of all of the 28 apartments being sold in just two months. Well before Kongebro Huset was built.

We add dimension to bring spaces and places to life

In close collaboration with the developer and broker, we managed to ensure a highly efficient sales process. Dimension Design successfully illustrated to potential residents what they were buying into. Both on the level of the atmosphere and on the factual aspects of the project. How will it feel to live in Kongebro Huset? This was done through photo-realistic visualizations aligned with a visual identity and strong storytelling carefully addressing the target group.

Our work eliminated the type of hesitations that future residents may have when choosing a new home. This way, they were able to make an informed decision. This high level of information creates security for residents so they can make a decision faster and with a better gut feeling.

Visual identity

The visual identity is based on a few significant traits of Kongebro Huset: the location of the building literally right on the waterfront in Sønderborg along with the way in which the architectural design successfully frames this view and exploits the magnificent light of the location. These were key traits in making the space come to life.  Kongebro Huset benefits from the feeling of living on the edge of the water. As if the water almost flows into the living room. The pay-off ‘On the edge of the water’ hinted both at the location and at the edgy modern architecture and newness of the building to the area.

2021.08.21 ID KomgebroHuset grafik #3
2021.08.21 ID KomgebroHuset grafik #2
2021.08.21 ID KomgebroHuset grafik #1
2021.08.21 ID KomgebroHuset grafik #4

Interior styling presentation

We designed a motivated interior styling presentation aimed specifically at setting the tone to catch the attention of the target group. Each interior styling presentation made by Dimension Design is naturally aligned with the visual identity and the core narrative of a given project, making sure that all types of communication tell the same story.

3D animation and visualizations

“It is quite unique to this place that it feels as if the water almost flows into the living room.”

Architect Klaus Toustrup, CF Møller

The reflections of the water and the distinct light generated a background for creating images with a telling atmosphere while at the same time harmoniously matching the design. Angles are chosen so that the water looks particularly close by. This way we make the viewer feel what it would be like to stand there on the edge of the water. Kongebro Huset is an example of how we work to add dimension to evoke emotions.


Our primary task with the website was to assure the visitor of all the benefits of living in Kongebro Huset. This both in the form of an engaging and credible storytelling. But in particular also with beautiful photo-realistic visualizations that underline an atmosphere, while showing the project as close to reality as conceivable. Conveying how it would feel to live here – to sit on the balconies close to the water. The intention was to entice the visitor into taking a closer look at the interactive apartment selector to explore available apartments, the price points of apartments and more. The journey went from connecting to feelings, creating the sense of atmosphere and to stories and facts of the place. All of this along with relevant entrance points and call-to-actions on the website enticed further investigation and potential action.

Printed media

Printed material consisted of a magazine with glossy prints of the 3D-visualizations, most of which told the story of being on the edge of the water. The front cover is matte carton with the iconic waves of the Kongebro Huset logo embossed for a tactile experience. A high level of information was added in the form of separate printed maps and drawings of the apartments.

2021.08.24 - Kongebro Huset tryksag 1300x900 #1
2021.08.24 - Kongebro Huset tryksag 1300x900 #2

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