Aalborg Municipality, Port of Aalborg and the urban development company Stigsborg P/S


Website / interactive map / 3D-visualization / 360 virtuel tour 


Nørresundby, Denmark

Tearing down complicated

Stigsborg is a new urban district in Aalborg developed in cooperation as part of a public private initiative. The main task for everybody involved is to create a place that has a clear identity and shows its particular qualities to people, well before the area has been established. In order to do so, Dimension Design produced a website to tear down complicated. Through an interactive map, 3D visualizations and a 360-degree virtual tour, we branded the place and made everybody get a feel of the place and story of Stigsborg.

The process included cooperating with the local branding bureau Det Nye Sort who were in charge of the overall concept, the visual identity and core story of Stigsborg. Our task was to make visions and dreams tangible by illustrating facts such as how the area will end up looking and also how it would feel like to be here.

“Turning space into a place” is the core of marketing new districts. In short, this is what we did for Aalborg Municipality, A. Enggaard and Stigsborg P/S.

We add dimension to tear down complicated

The challenge was to make logical and clear use of lots of information that was needed to be available on the new Stigsborg website. We created an overview of this large, complex project in order to offer understanding of a whole new district. Huge amounts of information needed to be made accessible and conveyed in a clear manner.

Part of what was needed was to show the progress of the area as well as to deliver facts. Since Stigsborg is to be built over a timespan much larger than single housing projects do, we needed phases to be easily understandable. At the same time, we needed the visitors of the website to be able to see the bigger picture.

One more task was to help our client ease their workload, as they have the opportunity to refer citizens and other stakeholders to the website. They often receive many inquiries from citizens who are curious about what Stigsborg will be like and contain.


We have drawn the whole area in 3D and made a photo match. All of this to establish clearly where Stigsborg will be located in Nørresundby. Part of the qualities of the map was also to show where Stigsborg is located in relation to the view of the other side of Limfjorden.

If you click further down in the map, you can get information such as which lamp posts, paving, trees and green areas will be here in the future. The effect is that of a funnel, as the map both provides the big picture and small details.

Data from Google Analytics validate the usefulness of the interactive map, as it is among top three of the pages that users access on this website.

This type of interactive map truly is a way to organize a large amount of information to appear simple while full of details.


When designing the website, particular attention was paid to the information architecture of the site in order to maximize user-friendliness.

The website has created an overview for the visitor by allowing them to dive into the interactive map. Our client reported having received lots of positive feedback that the website and map are perceived as clear, easy, navigable and informative.

Part of the importance of the website was to provide an overview of the respective phases of the development of Stigsborg. On a concrete, tangible level, potential residents needed to know where they could live and with which surrounding facilities and qualities. Where to park your car? How to go by bike to Aalborg? If the school would be close to your home? Dimension Design transformed visions and technical drawings into tangible and accessible information. Not only for future residents but also for all other types of stakeholders.

360-degree virtual tour

We add dimension to make the unknown known. The 360-degree virtual tour enables visitors to imagine, how it would feel to take a walk on the harbor front or look up at the buildings. This tour is based on facts and photo realistic VR that makes you almost feel like you were there, in the future. This way, VR is the perfect way to illustrate facts as well as give the sense of the space. Providing this experience is almost like looking into the future. You literally get the chance to imagine standing in the streets of Stigsborg.

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