Unionkul, Danica, and Nordkranen


Website / apartment selector / floor plans / interior styling / 3D-visualization


Copenhagen, Denmark


Giving an existing concept life in new ways

Does your real estate project already have a concept, an identity, or a design that needs to be carried on and expanded in new ways? Perfect, because we add dimension to give concepts new forms.

Our work with The Paper Island started in a slightly different way than usual. Unionkul, Danica, and Nordkranen came to us with a specific task: We need a sales website, and your work must comply with the design and identity that we already have in place.

This meant that the client’s real estate project already had a concept, design, and identity when they came to us. Our task was to take it and create a sales website with 3D visualizations that align with the existing creative work and the existing material.

The result was a website that fits the identity to perfection and a series of 3D visualizations that meet the architects’ vision for the project so well that Cobe used in their design program.

The Paper Island

The Paper Island is in a league of its own. Two hundred fifty-three unique architect designed homes located on top of several impressive halls containing a food market, hotel, culture house, and recreation. With water views on four sides, a green urban space in the center, and extensive rooftop gardens. All built on an island in the port of Copenhagen, where the view extends uninterrupted south and north.

In the earlier stages of the project, Unionkul, Danica, and Nordkranen have made a comprehensive brand book with identity, concept, and design – a high-end, high-quality brand book that became a fantastic foundation for our further work with the website and 3D visualizations.



We created the entire website according to the existing design and concept, so the identity of Paper Island was loyally carried forward even though the website was made long after the identity.

Our collaboration with the customer was exceptional. They had confidence in us as their trusted advisor on the project and followed our advice on, for example, the amount of necessary material and the use of the visualizations. This, combined with their thorough brand book, created a synergy effect making the website even better.


The interactive apartment selector

We add dimension to make the architects’ vision clear. Our experience and belief are that when skilled and talented architects create great architecture, we have an important job designing solutions and visualizations that emphasize the architects’ thoughts and visions.

Therefore, our interactive apartment selector amplified the architects’ visions for Papirøen with 360-degrees rotations around all towers, buildings, and halls. And it guided the potential buyers from the large area map with a view of the surrounding city and down to each home’s floor plan, location, and status.


High-end 3D visualization

It quickly became undoubtedly clear that the 3D visualization should be exclusively high-end to match the project. Therefore, in the 3D visualizations, we paid particular attention to the project’s nerve and the surroundings’ quality as these two parameters really made Paper Island stand out.

The exceptional location on the brink of the port and the unique architecture, which from the inside were best expressed in the evocative sloping walls, were key elements in the visualizations. Simultaneously, we gave the visualizations the same touch by, for example, showing how the potential buyers could drink morning coffee and look out at the opera or highlight how the beams of sun hit the sloping walls throughout the day.

We add dimension to make people stand out. Our team worked closely together to get the target groups right and match the design and interior with the target group, so they were present in a clear and yet subtle way. Every little detail was scrutinized, and all choices were made with the target group in mind.

The final outcome was a well-functioning website that complied with the existing identity and a series of 3D visualizations that both conveyed the target group perfectly and merged seamlessly with Cobe’s design program. This made the 3D visualizations serve several purposes.

Thanks to the excellent collaboration with the client and Cobe’s architects we managed to bring the Paper Island to life in an elegant and atmospheric way that is true to the vision.

Hans Korsholm – Head developer at Nordkranen, says this about our collaboration:

”Our collaboration with Dimension Design has been excellent. They made a website and 3D visualizations that both complied fully with our existing design and style, but at the same time, they left their own imprint with an excellent design and high-end 3D pictures. Overall the material from Dimension Design had an extremely high standard, and our architects complimented its interior design, renderings, and well-thought-out details.

From the start, Dimension Design has been proactive, met all deadlines, kept us updated, and made sure they had all the necessary material at all times to keep the project running. And the website itself is very intuitive and straightforward, so it has been easy to manage for both the real estate agent and us.”

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