3D-visualization & animations / virtual reality / trusted advisor


Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

The role of a trusted advisor

The thing on Nordø which made a significant difference was not just our visualizations, animations, or VR. It was also our role as a trusted advisor where we used our experience and insight to advise the real estate agent, point out possible challenges, and provide solutions.


Working as a trusted advisor

Nordø is a new district at Nordhavn in Copenhagen. A project of the highest quality. Here, we helped the real estate agent by using our years of experience and insights into what the potential buyers need to know and understand before they trust the project enough to buy at the project stage to discover the challenges early in the process and make the necessary solutions.

3D visualization of both the best and the lowest angles

We believe in honesty and showing it all. Therefore, we recommended that in addition to 3D visualizations and animations of the best apartments and views, we should also feature the more secluded apartments placed further down in the buildings.

This is based on the insight that showing the buyer the whole picture has greater credibility because we are not hiding anything. Instead, they see it all. And that removes uncertainty as the buyer can envision the future credibly and tangibly.

When the project was initially closed, the real estate agent returned and asked us to visualize the views from other apartments as a potential buyer wanted to see the specific view before buying. We did it, of course, and it led both to a sale and a satisfied home buyer.


We add dimension to make the architect's vision clear

As architects ourselves, we understand the ideas and concepts of the architects and how they want the buildings to express their visions.


On Nordø, the architectural vision is inspired by the light, the reflections from the water, the immense sky, the proximity to the water and the harbor, and the location’s industrial history.


In our 3D visualizations, this is redeemed by highlighting and softening the daylight, giving the sky a significant role, and showing how the sun illuminates the whole building, including the courtyards. And the apartments are angled, so it is evident that they are large, spacious, and high-ceilinged.


We add dimension to highlight the choices

The architects behind Nordø had made five different design lines to choose between. Therefore we visualized five apartments, each with a separate design line, and showed the customization options in the kitchen, bathroom, floor, and wall colors, making it easier for buyers to explore and choose.

Nordø became a case where we succeeded as a trusted advisor. At the same time, we delivered quality 3D visualizations, animations, and VR, which the architects, in particular, appreciated because the material conveyed their vision for the project while also showing the five different design lines.

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