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Analysis, research & strategy / concept & visual identity / website /  interactive area & apartment selector / brochure / floor plans / interior styling / 3D-visualization / outdoor / online & offline graphics  / film & animations / 360-degree virtual rotation animation 


Hillerød, Denmark

Turning spaces into places

Goldschmidt Ejendomme came to us with one significant wish: The project’s more than 1300 apartments were to be rented before they were completed. No vacancy allowed.

At the same time, the client wanted us to market and brand Frederiksbro as a new urban district in Hillerød.

And so we did – by identifying the uniqueness of the project and creating synergy and coherence in everything from the overall branding of the district to videos, 3D visualizations, 2D illustrations, storytelling, and down to the presentation of each apartment.

The result? All the apartments were rented in advance, none stood empty, and Frederiksbro successfully stood out as a new, unique district.

We add dimension to turn space into a place

In the case of Frederiksbro, we add dimensions to turn space into a place. Because the strength of a solid visual identity makes the endless possibilities of the district crystal clear to the future residents.


The client has created an entirely new state-of-the-art district in Hillerød. Frederiksbro stands out with a private lake and pavilion, playgrounds, shopping, room for business, medical center, and café’s. Filled with high-class apartments and modern life comfort and made with room for all generations – from students and families with small children to adults and senior citizens.


As the clients consultants, we recommended that due to the size of the project and the goal to avoid vacancy, they should invest heavily in marketing from day one and then gradually scaled-down when Frederiksbro was widely known.


And the approach worked.

Visual identity

To fully comprehend the exceptional trademarks of Frederiksbro, we started by examining what made the project unique. We found it to be the diverse target group, the nearby historical baroque castle Frederiksborg and the soul in Frederiksbro: to embrace the entire life cycle of the residents.

The findings were condensed into a visual identity, with an extensive colour pallet, a logo created with inspiration from the cycle of life, and graphically elements with connotations and distinctiveness from the baroque floors in Frederiksborg castle. 


3D visualizations

The life in Frederiksbro is made imaginable in the 3D visualizations by focusing on the people in the spaces. We capture and pinpoint the everyday life enjoyed in Frederiksbro, from child to adult to senior, and emphasize the small moments that emerge when generations live side-by-side.

At the same time, we show – with extreme precision – that it is precisely this type of brick, this exact bench, and these specific plants which are being used. By doing so, our 3D visualizations combine hard facts with emotions.


We add dimension to gain perfect clarity. By making one long brand film and several short videos, we launched Frederiksbro with a big blow leaving an impact. The brand movie captures the essence of living in Fredriksbro and all the potentials in the new district. Three short videos dive into each building built in the first stage and show potential residents their new home.


We add dimension to give people a true basis to decide. That’s why the website presents the whole of Frederiksbro and the benefits in the district while simultaneously showing every single building and apartment.

Our interactive apartment selector eliminates doubt and eases the decision by giving potential residents complete clarity and answering their questions about their new home and the release date of the different buildings.

Printed media

Various brochures convey the story of living in Frederiksbro, with one brochure for each of the buildings. Glossy pages and elaborate 3D pictures tell a tactile story of the cozy everyday life here. Kayaking on the lake. Sunsets on the balcony. Children on swings and people in running shoes.

Building signs show where each building is built on the construction site so that curious bystanders can follow the progress.


Online advertising

We designed a customized advertising plan coordinated with both the overall marketing plan and the many target groups’ need for information and preferred platforms during the project.

The result

The result of our work and collaboration with M. Goldschmidt Ejendomme and Home Hillerød is, as promised, 0 % idle. The rental went fast – in less than two months, more than 2/3 of the 160 apartments in Blåbærhaven and Multebærhaven were rented.

At the same time, the marketing plan and the visual identity is future-proof and perfect for re-letting as it creates great interest in the project. Simultaneously, together with the client, we succeeded at turning an initial skepticism among citizens in Hillerød into a positive curiosity as the construction and visions for Frederiksbro took shape.

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