2D Drawings

You ensure a consistent, clear, and simple overview of your project when you let us make your technical drawings of everything from floor plans, elevations, and facades to situation plans.

At Dimension Design, we make professional drawings of residential projects in order to provide a clear and simple overview of the home or building. Beautifully designed to create clarity and the sense of security, our drawings make choosing your project a simple one.

2D Drawings

Despite the fact that floor plans graphically appear as 2D drawings and that they are easily read by the eye, each drawing relies on a deeper process which is invisible to the end user. Behind each individual 2D drawing our architectural technologists have worked through a complicated and detailed digital 3D model in order to carefully review each and every corner of the building or home. That is why simple is never simple.

That small detail

Drawings can be designed furnished or not, depending on the needs of the particular project. Drawings are made both for print and for the web, and we always follow the industry norm.

When creating simple, beautiful drawings, we handle data from the project’s many partners so that knowledge that is already in the project is not lost. Accuracy, proofreading and quality assurance is a natural part of each process.

We make sure that little details such as the color scheme used in the general visual identity can be seen in the drawings.

Our streamlined concept for the sales process help you sell residential projects.

01. Strategy

We base our solutions on insights and knowledge. Collaborating with us always start by an exploration of your project in order to gain insight into the challenges, potentials and tasks that lie ahead.

Visual identity

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02. 3D

3D visualizations by Dimension Design make the target group see themselves in the homes. And it ensures a common thread from the storytelling to the visual identity.

Styling/Interior design
3D visualization
Virtual Reality

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03. Digital

We design and develop digital solutions in the field of project development. That is why we have accumulated years of experience developing the most optimal digital solutions for marketing housing projects in order for the project to be sold or rented.

UX design
Apartment selector
Virtual showroom
Online marketing

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04. Graphic design

Dimension Design’s highly skilled creative Art Directors and graphic designers excel in providing all types of products for marketing your residential or development project.

Trend Analysis

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05. 2D Drawings

At Dimension Design, we make professional drawings of residential projects in order to provide a clear and simple overview of the home or building.

Situation plans

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